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The most basic questions and criteria were employed in the development of this program. 


1.  Will it Save me time? 
2.  Are the results accurate? 
3.  Can I do take-offs without having to learn new procedures? 
4.  Can it be used to train new or clerical people to do take-offs? 
5.  Is it affordable, without hidden costs like expensive training? 
6.  Is it a simple to learn user friendly software?


The answer to all of the above questions is YES.
Find out for yourself by downloading a free trial version of Esti-Mate.


1.  Will it save me time? ** YES ** 
Users report that estimates that took 1-3 hrs to do by hand can be done in as little as 10-30 minutes.  In many demo sessions, Esti-Mate has astounded now current users with the minimal amount of information that can be entered to produce an itemized take-off, with material specification and usage data.  During a demo at Fayetteville Building Supply, GM Alan Phillips and his outside sales force used Esti-Mate to get a take-off promised to a customer that same afternoon.  They also ran a side by side comparison with a take-off by one of their most experienced salesman and found the results to be within 0-2 percent with the variance in pre-cut studs (for example 344 vs. 343).  Esti-Mate saved them time and continues to do so today. (The demo and data entry took 25 minutes, with most of the time used for explaining different options as we progressed and showing the help and calculator functions.) 

2.  Are the results accurate? ** YES ** 
When we demo the Esti-Mate program we ask the lumber dealer to supply a completed material estimate so that they can compare the accuracy of Esti-Mate to their best effort.  We also ask them to note how long it takes the Esti-Mate demonstrator to use their plan (one he has never seen) and produce the material estimate. Most of the time during the demonstration is spent showing the various features of Esti-Mate and the entire demo usually lasts 30-45 minutes. When Esti-Mate prints the material estimate is when they realize that it doesn't take much information gathered from the plan to get a material estimate that is within a very small percentage of the hand written take-off.  The formulas used within Esti-Mate have been and continue to be monitored to reduce the number of emergency trips out to the job site that the supplier has to make saving valuable time and human resources. One benefit that builders like is that when the materials are delivered with a printout that shows what is delivered and where it is to be used they know that you are ready to service their needs. Just doing the little bit of extra service is another tool that the independent supplier can use to compete with the Big Boxes. 

3.  Can I do take-offs without having to learn new procedures? ** YES ** 
"Wow this is really amazing", said Chuck Gore from Gore Builders after comparing an existing in-house take-off to Esti-Mate.  The program asks for input in the same logical sequence that you expect to use when doing the take-off by hand.  Without the complicated math or waste factor calculations Esti-Mate has bridged the gap between the 'old days' and new technology. You are not required to re-learn any processes or procedures as is common with the digitizer based or CAD based take-off software.  "When can you deliver it?" is the most often asked question after a hands on demo. 

4.  Can it be used to train new or clerical people to do take-offs? ** YES ** 
Esti-Mate is currently endorsed by several leading associations due to the fact that it is very easy to learn and use.  The program has help available at every turn, from operation of the menus and their selections to a built in glossary of terms so that you can become familiar as you go.  A built in calculator lets you send the results from a calculation directly into the field where you came from.  This is very handy when adding up Lft of wall sections or beams for example and doesn't require you to need a calculator nearby or be a math whiz. 

5.  Is it affordable?  Without hidden costs like expensive training ** YES ** 
Esti-Mate Software is only $895.00 (single install/first use)  The program doesn't require extensive upfront training or monthly service fees. Multi-store discounts available.

Service, Service, Service  is the goal here and the building material supplier who has the connection will get the business.  FREE Toll Free phone support for installation and program use for ONE FULL YEAR with every purchase of Esti-Mate.  Subsequent years support will be available in 1, 2, 3 year segments and priced per the level of service needed.


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