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Ultra Scale Master Pro with
Smart Takeoff! graphic digitizing software bundle

With Smart Takeoff! You can get takeoff data from the Ultra Scale Master Pro and transfer the digitized blueprint measurement information into any Windows or Estimating program.. You can get 2D and 3D drawings to verify measured quantities. help your construction team and clients visualize the features of your projects. It will help you to turn architectural blueprints into valuable information that you can use to estimate, bid and win jobs.

Fast, affordable and powerful, the Ultra Scale Master Pro with Smart Takeoff! lets you see what you measure as you measure it. Esti-Mate, Inc., recommends this powerful Ultra Scale Master Pro with Smart Takeoff software to all our customers. Only one missed wall will pay for the cost of the Smart Takeoff digitizing software. The audit trail from Smart Takeoff of your architectural blueprints to check by, is invaluable to you to eliminate profits lost from inaccurate takeoffs and errors.

The Ultra Scale Master Pro area takeoff and digitizing system can be used for estimating project materials and costs, and for storing and calculating perimeter, area, line segments, and volume takeoff’s from architectural blueprints and other types of scaled drawings.

The Ultra Scale Master Pro can measure simple and complex polygons, irregular areas like swimming pools, as well as linear takeoffs—all without the need for a PC. As such, it’s the first affordable, easy to use, and portable digitizing system.

The Ultra Scale Master® Pro can operate as a stand alone digital area takeoff tool, or you can connect it to your PC to transfer measurements into any estimating and spreadsheet program that accept text input from a number pad or keyboard. It also can send digitized (x,y) coordinates to takeoff software programs like our Smart Takeoff! graphic digitizing software. The Ultra Scale Master® Pro is designed for residential and light commercial construction trades, such as builders, estimators, concrete, flooring/tile, paving, roofing, landscaping, electrical, plumbing and small site excavation.

System requirements:

  • Windows® 2000, XP and Vista 32-bit Operating Systems
  • One USB port for the Ultra Scale Master® Pro
  • 1.6Hz Pentium microprocessor minimum
  • 256 MB RAM minimum
  • 10 MB available hard drive capacity
  • XVGA or higher resolution color graphics display
  • CD-Rom Drive                                                      
Ultra Scale Master Pro


model 6260
Ultra Scale Master Pro
with Smart Takeoff!


model 6270 *Save $119.95, Smart Takeoff Regular price $299.95
Ultra Scale Master Pro
with Smart Takeoff and Esti-Mate material takeoff 
Digitizing &
Material Takeoff software

BEST VALUE $899.95*

model 6270EM *Save $244.95, Smart Takeoff Regular price $299.95 and Esti-Mate Regular price $495.00

GTCO Roll-Up III Digitizer


Needed for use with Ziatek Crystal Software.  Durable and Dependable, built with advanced materials, including a tough Lexan work surface, the Roll-Up will lay flat, and maintain a smooth work surface.  The Roll-Up III is designed for professionals who demand the highest level of digitizing accuracy, reliability and convenience.  The Roll-Up doesn't require dedicated office space and can be rolled up for storage when not in use, or transported in its handy travel case for occasional use outside the office.  It's backed by a five year U.S. warranty.

GTCO 30x36 Roll Up III
Mat - $2,275.00
Carrying Case - $99.00
GTCO 36x48 Roll Up III
Mat - $2,625.00
Carrying Case - $119.00

GTCO QuickRuler Workstation
Quick Ruler is an exciting new tool that quickly and accurately automates blueprint takeoff and drawing measurement processes.  QuickRuler includes everything you need:  A GTCO 30x36 Roll-Up digitizer, pointing device, measuring menu and LCD display with a sophisticated, yet easy to use built-in measuring program. To measure an area, simply select AREA from the menu then touch points along the perimeter of the area with the pointing device. The resulting measurement will appear on the LCD display. Use the menu pad to navigate through program screens and transfer dimensions directly to Esti-Mate program screen fields.

GTCO 30x36 QuickRuler Bundled with Roll Up III - $2,575.00
GTCO 36x48 QuickRuler Bundled with Roll Up III - $2,975.00


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